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          太阳成集团 - 澳门太阳成集团

          太阳成集团 - 澳门太阳成集团


          All students in 8年 study English, Mathematics, Science, Design Technology,  Physical Education, ICT & Computing, French or Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Drama and Music. In addition, all students also study a second language (either German or Russian). The vast majority of our able linguists continue with their second language in year 9. 


          During year 8, students make a guided choice as to whether to continue both their languages or take up a new early-start Key Stage 4 (KS4) course in year 9. This is identified as ‘Early Choice’ on the curriculum diagram. The curriculum offer for this early choice currently includes courses in Art and Design, Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Graphic Products, PE, Product Design, Health & Social Care and Information Creative Technology. 

          分配在图履历示出的时间对每个受试者的量 这里.

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