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          太阳成集团 - 澳门太阳成集团

          太阳成集团 - 澳门太阳成集团



          In the 1920s, Woodford Green was still a rural Essex village – home to the gentry and well-heeled politicians, including future prime ministers. But the arrival of famous suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, with her anarchist Italian boyfriend, scandalised the area. The daughter of the founder of the suffragette movement, Emmeline, she had been born into political royalty but pursued her own agenda, sacrificing her family ties in the process. She broke away from the famous Women’s Social & Political Union to set up her own East London Federation of Suffragettes. Sylvia continued her work when she moved to Woodford Green in 1924. She lived in a cottage at 126 High Road, opposite the Horse and Well pub. She continued campaigning with the suffragettes and striving to improve working conditions.





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